Did you know acupuncture helps relieve pregnancy symptoms?

While recently watching the news, I saw an interview with an OBGYN doctor where they discussed what a woman could do to manage different symptoms before and during pregnancy. Although many wonderful recommendations were offered, they missed including acupuncture as another alternative to help manage and alleviate many pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy is an exciting time for a woman, but it can bring on symptoms and create many emotional and physical changes. During the first trimester of pregnancy, you may experience back pain, nausea, heartburn, constipation, and fatigue, to name a few. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine practice used to relieve these conditions safely and naturally, helping reduce many pregnancy symptoms and discomforts and, overall, helping you relax and de-stress.

If you or someone you know is expecting and are interested in learning more about the benefits of acupuncture, please call me for more information and to schedule an appointment.

I look forward to seeing you soon,


Pregnant Woman

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