Acupuncture Telemedicine Available!

Acupuncture Telemedicine Available!

I recently received notice that acupuncture telemedicine is covered by health insurance, which is great news! Call me to find out if your insurance is covered. So far, Cigna, Carefirst Bluecross/Blueshield, and Aetna accept telemedicine. What is Acupuncture Telemedicine, and How Can it be Helpful to You? The objective is to help you feel better …

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Hunter Told Me His “Bones” Hurt

Hunter Video

Hunter told me his ‘bones’ hurt. I said, “your bones?” He said yes, I asked him to show me and he pointed to his calves, so cute. ? I told him those were his calves and asked him if I could put some oil on for him, and he agreed. So, I used Panaway with …

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Activities to Help Boost My Immune System

Activities to Help Boost My Immune System

As we continue to navigate the Covid-19 health crisis, I thought it would be a great time to share some of the things I’m doing to boost me and my family’s immune system. Cleaning – Honestly, a LOT of cleaning, vacuuming, disinfecting, etc. – spring cleaning has evolved to a whole new level! Vitamins – …

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